XLR8 Wake Shaper

Turn Your Boat into A Surf Machine with XLR8 & XLR8 SLIM!

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2 Options to Choose from – 2 Different Fits, SAME BIG CLEAN WAKE with Lots of Push!
XLR8 SLIM – 12.5 x 3.5″ footprint for Boats with Stepped or unconventional hulls
XLR8 ORIGINAL – 12.5 x 4.5″ footprint.

XLR8 Wake Shaper -A Bigger Wake with More Push and a longer Sweet Spot-

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Big Wake on Your Boat

XLR8 is engineered to fit most Inboards, Forward and “V” drive boats. You don’t need a new boat – You Need an XLR8 Wake Shaper!

Easy To Use

Easy for one person to install from inside the boat using the strongest suction cups on the market. Switch from side to side in a snap.

Compact & Built To Last

Our Tidal Wake system is easy to use, built to last and can be stored compactly in the confines of your boat. Did we mention it floats?

Are you ready to get an amazing wake this summer?

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Big Wake, More Push, Longer Sweet Spot

 Wake Shaper FAQs

How does Tidal Wake work?

Tidal Wake Shaper attaches to the side of your boat with super strong suction cups that will not mark or harm your boat. Its hydro-engineered fin redirects and accelerates the water flow away from the boat instead of flowing behind the boat. When the wake on one side of the boat isn't there, the wake on the other side of the boat is free to grow without any resistance from the wake on the other side of the boat. The big Surf Wake is generated on the opposite side of the boat where the Tidal Wake Shaper is installed.

Why is Tidal Wake XLR8 Different?

XLR8 creates a big wake with more push and a longer sweet spot.

XLR8 has a wedge-style shape and ingenious fin design that redirects and accelerates  water flow away from the boat to create BIG, CLEAN WAKES on the surfside. The two angled, DIRECTIONAL TUNNEL FIN acts like a power funnel, making the wake up to 50% FASTER. This extra-large fin channel water further back for MORE PUSH and a LONGER SWEET SPOT.

EASY TO INSTALL AND MOVE - Easy for one person to install from inside the boat and quick to move from side-to-side to accommodate both regular and goofy stance surfers.  XLR8 has ENGINEERED SUCTION CUPS that are the strongest on the market.  To fine-tune your wake profile,  move XLR8 to different places forward and aft or up and down on the hull.

HYDRO-DYNAMIC BODY directs water flow to the fin so it can do its job

Our TOOL-FREE, REMOVABLE FIN lays flat in its tote so it FITS IN YOUR GLOVE BOX when not in use.

And No Worries if you drop it in the water -- IT FLOATS!

ROTATING LANYARD LOOP puts the lanyard clip in the direction of your clete and keeps the lanyard from unnecessarily hanging across your boats finish

EASY TO GRAB HANDLE - no fumbling on how to hold XLR8 when carrying or installing

MADE IN USA - XLR8 is DURABLE and comes  a 1 year WARRANTY against defects when properly installed and used

A professionally engineered after-market Wake Shaper that is AFFORDABLE PRICED that is DURABLE

SAVES FUEL over larger, heavier and more vertical style wake shapers

Does it Float?

YES, like a bobber! However, we suggest using a lanyard in the event you accidentally forget to remove your Tidal Wake and take off across the lake for a cruise. The suction cups are super strong, but Tidal Wake is not made for high speed boating. In the event you forgot about this little buddy, and it comes off your boat,  a lanyard will assure you still have it instead of retracing your tracks on a search mission. By the way, our lanyard is designed for low-re-coil, meaning that when deployed, the incidence of it bouncing back at you is substantially reduced. Another Fun Fact -- the rotating lanyard loop allows you to move the lanyard attachment to a good position based on where you are mounting your Tidal Wake. This prevents having to route the lanyard around your Wake Shaper.

Will XLR8 Fit My Boat?

For XLR8 to fit, you will need a flat space, on the hull of your boat at or below the waterline near the stern
The minimum space requirement is: 12.5″ x 4.5″
This flat space should be clear of thick decals or textured surfaces

Do I have to modify my boat?

NO! That is a great thing about Tidal Wake Portable Wake Shaper. It simply attaches to the hull of your boat with custom engineered Tidal Wake Pro-suction cups. They are super strong and will not leave any marks on your hull. When you are done surfing, simply lift the levers and remove Tidal Wake.

Do I need any tools?

None! Tidal Wake attaches to your boat without tools and you can attach or remove the fin without tools. Our proprietary locking mechanism requires a simple twist of the locking tab to release or lock-in the fin.

How do I store my Wake Shaper on my boat?

Great Question! That is one of the best features of Tidal Wake. Big Wake performance on the Boat, Compact Storage in its Tote. Because Tidal Wake’s fin is removable it stores in a compact footprint. Simply remove the fin and place it in the fin pocket of the bag, then slide in the body, & zip it shut.   Tidal Wake Shaper's compact tote will fit in many glove boxes. Tote size is roughly 14 x 4 x 8.

Wake Surfing is a fast-growing sport and the bigger and cleaner the wake, the more fun you can have hanging out in the sweet spot surfing, skimming or nailing that 360. Factory Surf Systems are only found on newer boats but what about your beloved ski boat, tow boat, surf boat or runabout? It wasn’t made to throw a big surf wake, right? We engineered an affordable after-market wake shaper so you don’t have to buy a new boat in order to create a big wake.

Our Tidal Wake system is easy to use, built to last and can be stored compactly in the confines of your boat. We engineered it to be as effective on as many inboard, v-drive and forward drive hulls as possible. Wake surfers need a big wake, not a new boat.


"You guys have great customer service!"

Bryan in Minnesota

"I would recommend your wake shaper to anybody who has a Malibu VLX"

Truly, Craig in Washington

"You guys have great customer service!"

Tidal Wake Customer

"The Tidal Wake Shaper is for real people! ... Best add-on we’ve ever purchased for our boat hands down! My family thanks you Tidal Wake! "

Joe in Utah

"I ordered a Tidal Wake XLR8 about month ago and have been extremely pleased with the this product and the company as a whole. Jamie was very helpful in offering support for their product when I had questions, and the wave that the XLR8 creates has us surfing and enjoying the water in a new, and fun way. If you are considering purchasing a Wake Shaper you should definitely consider a Tidal Wake! Five Stars from me!!!!"

Drew H in Idaho

The XLR8 Wake Shaper makes an Amazing Wave... we are so happy with it!

Chris S. - Montanta