O’Brien Revival Wakesurf Board

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  1. Surf Style
  2. Hand Shaped Epoxy
  3. Vector Net – Provides a high level of break and buckle resistance while maintaining a natural and lively flex pattern
  4. Air Tec – Technical woven fabric that reduces weight and increases durability
  5. Bamboo Veneer – Enhanced strength and responsiveness
  6. Swallow Tail
  7. Split EVA Pad
  8. 3 FCS Compatible Fin Boxes

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Mimic the feel of surfing in the ocean

Our newest surf shape, the Revival, is all about fun on the water. The lightweight construction combined with the swallow tail design makes the board fast, snappy, and stable – enhancing your connection with the wave and amplifying your enjoyment on the water.


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"You guys have great customer service!"

Bryan in Minnesota

"I would recommend your wake shaper to anybody who has a Malibu VLX"

Truly, Craig in Washington

"You guys have great customer service!"

Tidal Wake Customer

"The Tidal Wake Shaper is for real people! ... Best add-on we’ve ever purchased for our boat hands down! My family thanks you Tidal Wake! "

Joe in Utah

"I ordered a Tidal Wake XLR8 about month ago and have been extremely pleased with the this product and the company as a whole. Jamie was very helpful in offering support for their product when I had questions, and the wave that the XLR8 creates has us surfing and enjoying the water in a new, and fun way. If you are considering purchasing a Wake Shaper you should definitely consider a Tidal Wake! Five Stars from me!!!!"

Drew H in Idaho

The XLR8 Wake Shaper makes an Amazing Wave... we are so happy with it!

Chris S. - Montanta