LED Plug N’ Play Combo Pack with Wrench


  • Believe it! You can have Underwater Lighting on Your Boat in Minutes! No Drilling Holes! No Wiring! Just Plug N’ Play! Patent Pending
  • Ultra-Bright, 1800 lumen CREE LED with a 3-year warranty, 50,000-hour life, built-in On/Off switch
  • Kit includes Socket-Style Wench that fits over the light head for easy install and removal, especially nice when working in tight spaces.
  • Replaces your standard 1/2″ threaded boat drain plug and is powered by plugging into any on-board accessory/lighter outlet. Can also be hardwired.
  • Light up your night while cruising, swimming, or fishing. Create a fun atmosphere and be more visible when boating at night!
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Complete Underwater Lighting System in less than 5 minutes at a fraction of the cost. No Holes to Drill! No Wiring Required! Add a burst of underwater light when you boat at night! Simply replace your threaded 1/2″ drain plug with this “Plug N’ Play” ultra- bright 1800 lumen Underwater LED.

Illuminated ON/OFF switch plugs into an accessory outlet. Easily route cord out-of-site along gunnel. Quick and Easy waterproof connector to detach when trailering. LED Fixture can be safely kept in the storage bag. Underwater lighting is Great for Cruising, Swimming and Fishing. Be more visible at night and enjoy the glow and ambiance that underwater lighting creates! Available in 4 colors – Blue, White/Clear, Red, Green. Storage bag included.


Tidal Wake Boat Drain Plus Wrench is the perfect companion to Tidal Wake Drain Plug LED Lights. It makes light installation and removal easy, especially if space is limited.  Prevents slips and scratches that often happen from using regular wrenches. It’s two-sided and fits 36mm and 30mm and comes with the leverage bar. It will also work on other brands of hexagon boat drain plug lights. Made of steel in the USA.

Fits: 1/2″ threaded boat drain plugs
Construction: Light is Stainless Steel, Wrench is Steel
Color: Blue, Clear, Green, Red
Dimensions: 7 x 4 x 2 ½”, 1#

Tidal Wake Underwater LED Boat Drain Plug Light Limited 3 Year Warranty

Tidal Wake 3-year Limited LED Warranty

Tidal Wake will repair or replace any Tidal Wake LED that is defective due to normal wear and tear. Tidal Wake covers normal, non-commercial use for 3 years from the purchase date. WARNING: Operating the LED out of water (dry), will cause the LED to overheat, will shorten the life expectancy, and void the warranty.

To activate the manufacturer warranty, you must register your product. Print and complete the form at the link below. Mail a copy of your original purchase receipt and the completed warranty form within 60 days of purchase.

Warranty Form

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"You guys have great customer service!"

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