How Bright is this Light?

Tidal Wake Underwater Boat Drain Plug lights are 1800 Lumens which is about equivalent to a 100 watt bulb. In comparison – 380-400 lumens is equivalent to a 40 Watt Bulb. Don’t be fools by less expensive lights, they are not as bright. Tidal Wake lights are a 9-30 volt, 27 Watt CREE LED.
CREE is known for their innovative, high performance LED components and have the reputation as a dependable, bright LED light.

Do I have to drill holes in my boat hull?
No! That is the awesomeness of a drain plug light! Simply replace your threaded NPT ½” drain plug with the Tidal Wake Underwater Led. This is a very common drain plug and is found on most recreational inboard and outboard cruisers, ski boats and many fishing boats. Be sure your drain plug is threaded.

How does it get power?
Tidal Wake comes in two versions – the Plug N’Play simply plugs into your current accessory outlet, just like a phone charger. The Hard-Wire design comes with a 5 amp fuse and you will need to get power from wiring in your boat. If you are not familiar with low-voltage electrical wiring, we suggest having this installed for you.

Will it fit my boat?
The LED Underwater Boat Drain Plug Light will fit any boat that has a threaded ½” NPT drain plug. These are most common on recreational inboard and outboard boats up to 35’.

What color should I get?
We have to answer that with another question! What color do you love? Choose a color that will set a fun atmosphere for you! Green is often preferred by those who love to fish as it can attract certain species. Otherwise, it is what makes you feel the best.

Can I use this is Salt Water?
YES! Tidal Wake LED lights are made of 316L Stainless Steel to resist the corrosive effects of fresh or salt water.

How much power does the light need?
Tidal Wake LED lights are low voltage lights taking 9-30 volts and 27 watts.

Can it burn out?
These are durable UNDERWATER LED lights with a life time of 50,000 Hours! That is a lot of boating FUN! Please know that operating these LEDs out of the water will shorten their life and void the warranty. To test your light out of the water, do not leave it on for more than a minute. We know, sometimes mistakes can happen! Tidal Wake LED lights have a built-in overheat protective driver. This means that if the light is on, out of the water, and starts to overheat, it will automatically turn off to prevent damage. This process does affect the life of the light so… Kids, don’t try this at home!

How do I turn it off?
When your LED is hardwired, it will turn off when your battery is off or disconnected. You may add an optional, inexpensive switch to manually turn it off and on as well.

What if I need to remove the drain plug to….drain water?
Its Easy! Tidal Wake LED Drain Plug lights have a waterproof Quick-Connect plug about 9” behind the light. Whether you have to drain water or remove your drain plug while trailoring (required by law in many states) Tidal Wake makes it easy. Simply unscrew the light just as you would the normal drain plug and use the Quick-Connect plug to dis-connect. Put your LED in the handy storage bag to keep is safe while in storage. Be sure to leave some cable hanging out of the drain so you can easily grab it to re-connect.

ALWAYS check your drain plug each time you reinstall it to be sure it is tightened. An un-tightened drain plug can leak.

Is it durable enough for boating, especially in rough water and at higher towing speeds?
YES, when tightened properly in the drain hole, Tidal Wake lights are vibration and impact resistant and have a strong impact resistant poly-carbonate lens. The CREE technology, built-in driver and our quality construction assure high performance even in the roughest of conditions and temperatures.

How much cable is included with the light?
The Hard-Wire version has 3 meters – in most cases, this is enough to reach to a power source.
The Plug N’Play has about 20′ of cable, enough to reach the accessory plug in most recreational boats.

What do I do after I see how easy and fun it is to have uber-cool underwater lighting on my boat?
Show your friends and then Tell Us! We want to hear Your underwater LED Light Story
— (ok, gotta keep it PG). And send photos of how cool your boat looks at night!